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Welcome to Jovan & Company Music!

Get your copy today!!!

Welcome to Jovan & Company Music

Houston recording studio

Lets get your song ideas, unfinished songs, poems & lyrical compositions professionally set to a commercial radio ready sound track, today!

Download 1st track “Here We Go Again” click pic

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Master My Song!!!!!

Your completed song belongs to YOU!!!

Songwriters!! great book for helping you develop you song.


We are offer more convenient price competitive solutions for solid R128 compliant music mastering!!! among others we use:

Wave Lab 8

Reason 7

Soung Forge

Get Healthy, Detox!!

30-60-90-180 Day Challenge

Get Healthy!!

Houston, Tx recording studio

Jovan & Company Music

The Home of Music Development

Rudy Jovan Stearnes, owner


Inspiration, Contemporary Gospel, Theme/Theater, R & B, Soul and Pop. Poets, let us design quality, ear catching music to accompany your creativity!

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7days by app.

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Great News!

After completion of you first digital mastered recording we can assist you in getting bar-coded and, a single recording COPYRIGHT PROTECTED across the internet, world wide! No more waiting until you collect 7+ songs, a full CD; no more! Call for details!

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call 713-816-5999

7 days by app!!!!!

A Few Of The Artist We Worked with Recently

Heather Romero

Baritone -Inspirational Poet

Atilano Junior-CLICK THE PIC

Otto-Me-Atliano after a joyous studio workout

Vawn(daughter) warming up

Tyson and Cheyenne recording

Cheyenne-Tyson -Super vocal and seasoned guitarist

Otto dropping Brazilian inspirational vocals


But wait!!!!, order Holidays on a Soulful Platter – Vol II now and receive single releases“Dance 2 Romance” and “Moonlite Danzers and Tenth & Grand Avenue(no S&H)”.

Click on the pic above

Click on Pic above-Baritone Video on You Tube

PA rental. Delivery, setup and pickup. Houston area only call for details.

Listen to a few clips below

Totally produced and done by Rudy Jovan Stearnes, Jr:

Silent Night; Holiday Loving; Merry Christmas Year; White Christmas; Auld Land Syne and more. Order today!

call 713-816-5999, today.



Listen to these:

track 2-”Moonlite Danzers”



Rudy Stearnes, owner

Discount for multiple copies